Plaster casting.

On Thursday the third, some of my classmates and I showed up at the seal beach pier close to tower number two. It was a great and fun experience. I was one of the first people to get there, therefore I got to meet a couple of my classmates: Diana, Nestor and Louis. We helped each other out until the others showed up. Louie was the one who was giving the instructions and I was helping him out to put sand on the hole we made for his hand, Diana was mixing the plaster with water and Nestor was brining water from the ocean in case we needed more. It was a group effort and I am glad I showed up because I got to talked and interact with awesome people, we talked about our majors, our goals, what we do and even exchanged phones numbers. At the end of our project we were all nervous to see if it was going to come out nice. Fortunately we didn’t do that bad and our plaster casting came out decent. Later on the day I message them to say and hi and  to send them a couple pictures we took together.image image image image image


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