Conversation with Nick Bamford.

Artist Nick Bamford, a 25 year old male student in his 4th year of college majoring in ceramics with a future intent to get his masters in sculpture.

On September the 10th I went to the gallery Max L. Gatov to appreciate this gentleman work and have a little background of him. His theme was “Art type instead of character wide range”.  Nick was only 10 years old when he started writing poetry, that’s how he noticed his passion for art was more than just a hobbie. His ispiration became motivation and challenge and his goal was to make whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to make it. One of his favorite artists is Picasso. Nick enjoys working on difficult large scales installations, using materials such as used stuff hanging around, wood, cement and clay. In his work posted at the gallery were mostly physical things. First work he made and the most difficult was the hand, the texture is soft, he uses a wheel from a bicycle for support in the palm area, then we have the male standing up and putting his hands up and showing an intimate part of the male being. Another work is the person sitting down on the floor looking kind of sad, feet were made with wires also we have the gigantic face with an scary or surprise expression depends how you want to interpret it, open motih, large nose, extended eyes.

I feel like with his artistic work he expresses himself. Whatever his feeling, his past experiences, his emotions and how he seems himself. When I talked to him I noticed he was kind of shy, therefore I feel like his work talks for him and that’s how he wants people to see. One of nicks major goals in life is to install his own museum and have galleries representatives. He uses Instagram : NickBamf4d to show his work outside of school, to get to people outside of his area and to some day become a recognize artist for his magnificent work.

I understand his work as passionate and catchy. If I was an artist I would express my love for art the same way his doing it. The reason why he likes big installation projects is because he likes to go  big and call the attention in his more classy spot which is art. I am glad I attended the gallery, it opened up my ideas of what art really means to different people.



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