Social Photography

imageSelfie day (Instagram) social photography.image.
I would like to start my intro for the Selfie day by saying I was the one who initiated it and I’m proud. On Wednesday night I went out for a bike ride with some of my friends, we went to meet up with different clubs from LA area at a Hooters restaurant close to south gate just to socialized with each other and watch the Angels vs. Dodgers game. We like to do this every so often and we enjoy it. Well once I got home I realize it was already 12:01am and decided to share with you all one of my passions which is motorcycles.
Throughout the day I saw many different and interesting posts but the ones that were more noticeable and compatible to mine, were the ones talking about parking problems, food or school assignments. It seems like our group first priority is school and food. Most of my classmates posts were in school eating. Although I saw an unusual post of somebody packing to leave on vacation which is the same thing I did. I left Thursday night to Colorado. Anyways I enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts: food, school parking and traffic problems, selfies, etc. This was a fun activity, and here is a collage of some posts I liked and some that are similar from mine.


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