Classmate conversation with Luis

Classmate conversation with .
Luis it’s an 18 year male student in his first year of college planning to get his degree on business. Luis lives in Downey. He attended Warren High School. Sometimes he works being a lifeguard. Some things he likes to do is swimming, hiking. Luis loves to eat and not too much to workout but he tries. His favorite pet is a dog. For him, art is a way to express yourself, It lets you be free, explore the world , create your own style , defines you. The way he sees Art it’s important in his lifestyle because it helps with calming people and it’s a good way to lower your stress level.
Luis it’s a sweet guy and such a good friend. I met him at the beach also and since then we became really good friends. In my opinion I think this conversation helped me to notice that we have many similar things we like. image


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