Painting activity

image imageOn September 17 around 11:00am my cousin, sister, nephew and I went to Venice beach. We found parking close to the beach and it wasn’t that expensive. I found a small spot where to draw. At first I wasn’t sure of how to start my name but with the help of my teacher and a lady I started getting ideas of how to do it, plus my cousin also gave me few tips. I used three colors: red for the background, blue for the letters and pink to fill up some spots. I did my name with bubble letters or at least tried. It took me at least 30 minutes. My nephew who is 5 years old was really into the painting and ended up doing his small work. After I finished my painting, my family and I went to walk and saw different shows that were entertaining. We stood there for about 2 hours. It was a nice experience because I have never done that and I felt so cool even if my work wasn’t that good. My sister and nephew are not from here, they live in Colorado so it was also a good experience for them and they enjoyed. We had fun and probably I’m going to do it again soon.


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