Artist conversation with Emily Hernandez

image image image image imageOn September 17 I attended the gallery Dennis W. Dutzi of where Emily Hernandez work was posted. Emily hernandez is a 22 year female artist in her 5th year of college. Emily is half Mexican and half white. Her mom is the one who is from Arizona and her dad is from Mexico. Emily’s family is from Orange County, fountain valley where she lives with her parents. Emily has an older sister who is a violinist and lives in Japan teaching English. She also sustains a relationship of 5 years. She has travel to different parts such as: Japan, Europe, Mexico and France and she is planning to go to Germany in the winter for Christmas market. Emily works at the CSULB bookstore.

Emily decided to major in Art because she noticed in senior year of high school that Art was more than a subject for her. Her dad was sad that she picked Art education but she didn’t wanted to do the mistake of not working in her dream job which is teaching art in high school or junior high. For her Art it’s about problem solving, re-exam how you do things everyday and making meaningful. See everything in different ways.

Emily’s work is mostly about portraits. Most of her art work is portraits of herself because she’s really strict with her models. The models that she usually uses is her boyfriend and dog. Her dog portrait was around a 15 minute painting. Her favorite and longest portrait was the portrait of herself which lasted around 30 minutes to finish with all the details. self portrait. The materials Emily usually uses is a hard board and oil. Most of her materials she buys them at the art supply Wilminister or at the Csulb art store because she gets a discount since she works there. Her favorite color to work with is yellow she likes to use them with portraits and ceramics. Emily has an Instagram : missymonks to show her work to the world.

Emily’s work is about humans which she told me that’s her inspiration : humans and color, how light falls in a person. Emily’s goal is to paint the rest of ur life. With these two facts about herself made me realize how similar we are. She focuses on the emotions of other people and I usually do the same. My entire life is based of emotions and that’s what keeps me going.


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