Week 5: Classmate Conversation

Week 5: Classmate Conversation
Classmate Conversation: Nestor Plascencia.
I first met Nestor at the Beach when we did the sculpture activity. He was one of the first people I met when I never got a chance to have a one to one conversation.
Nestor is a 19 year old student in his second year of college, his major is Business Management he went to Paramount High School.
He also lives in Paramount, Nestor is an only child. Nestor is Hispanic, from Guadalajara that’s why he loves Mexican music and he is a good dancer. One surprising thing about Nestor is that he is only child, although he has a dog named Richard whom he loves very much. Nestor favorite color is blue, some hobbies that he likes to do is soccer, tennis, movies. He work in a after school program working with kids to help out with their assignments.
I asked Nestor in what he was swimming in and he told me that he wa a swimming in school and work, which was a must to succeed. He didn’t like very much but that was his priority.
It was nice to get to know him and actually talk to him. Nestor is a really cool person, we have the same taste in music and in sports. I’m glad I made a new friend.image


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