Week 5: Ethnography activity

imageWeek 5: Ethnography Activity

On September 24, 2015 around 6:00pm I started getting everything ready for my night without electricity. Had to rush home from school to get everything ready. I bought some candles, used my bed which was the most comfortable place I could sleep in. I turned my cellphone off and got some books to read and even used my school work.
Since I have a roommate which is my cousin I had to stay away from the living room, therefore I locked my door and stood in my room. Her reaction was funny, she thought I was mad at her. I forgot to mention to her that this was my project and by the time she got home I was already starting with me activity.
This activity was hard and unexplainable. I won’t lie, I did used electricity a couple of times without noticing I was doing it. My plan was to just go to sleep but it was so hard, I lighted up the candles and started reading, first two hours I was fine, after that I started getting really bored and got hungry, then that was my first mistake I turned on the light to get something to eat and didn’t even notice it until after I did it. Went back to my room disappointment in myself and started doing my homework. I started writing of how was I feeling at that time and I do remember it was frustrating and I was going crazy. Kept on reading books and fell asleep . Around 3:20 am I woke up and used the restroom, second mistake, I turned on the lights and didn’t react about that mistake until the next day, also I knew the time because I saw the clock. I wrote about how was I feeling at that time and I was going crazy. I was eating even though I wasn’t hungry, felt like I wanted to scream. My third mistake was when I turned on my phone “to check the time” that’s how I persuaded myself into it, after this third mistake I decided to put my cellphone away and go to sleep. Another challenge I had was the candle, every time I would light it up I was scared I was either going to burn myself or the carpet so I only did it twice.
Honestly I have no idea what time I went to sleep but It felt like an eternity plus it was scary being at night without light.
I don’t know how people in the previous eras did it without electricity. Maybe because they weren’t used to it. I wouldn’t want to live in that era if you ask me. I wouldn’t know what to do. One of the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.


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