Week 6: artist conversation


Sery Kwon is 23 year old female artist graduating this semester in Drawing and painting. She’s originally from Korea but came here to study Art when she was 15 years old and the reason why is because Korea is very traditional and skilled oriented. She was done with it. When she got to the United States she started going to a only girls school in Downey St. Joseph.

Her art work is based on maps: Ariel views. She focus mostly on the transit and traffic of different cities. She wants the audience to feel what she feels when she’s in those places. That’s why her work so too physical. For example in the gallery where her work was posted she had mapped Dublin, and L.A. The way she starts painting is writing things down first trying not to go too crazy.
She likes her paintings saturated (bright colors only). She paints on the wall and also on the floor too. Her inspiration is saturated colors. Her favorite color is coral which means for her happiness. Her website is Webpage : sarykwon.weebly.com .

Materials that she uses for her paintings are acrylic paint, rice paper, and she also uses google earth. Her favorite painter is Mark Bradford, the music that she likes is boson-ova which is Brazilian music .Sery Kwon has been painting since middle school till junior in college.Her goal is to graduate and paint the rest of her life and teach high school.

I feel like this type of style she uses goes with her character. As I talked to her I noticed she’s really distracted all the time and always seems like in a hurry, therefore her paintings reflects part of her personality. I can see some similarities between her and I.


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