Week 6 : classmate conversation

Week 6: https://nicholasdramirez.wordpress.comimage
Nicholas Ramirez (Nick) is a 20 year old student about to be 21 in October 24, in his fourth year of college majoring in fitness (kinesiology). Nick is from Whittier but his heritage is Hispanic although he speaks a little bit of Spanish, he also has two siblings.
Nick works in campus as an assistant manager marketing. He loves his job because it is a flexible schedule: Monday trough Thursday on the evenings.
One of his goal that he has in life is to become a professional personal trainer.
Nicks loves to listen to classic rock and alternative, his favorite food is Italian, he rather the winter than summer. Some of his hobbies he likes to do is play sports such as swimming, boxing and weight lifting, he also likes to travel. Some places that Nick has been to are up North, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah and Europe.
His favorite color is blue because for him it describes a person that is mellow just like him, red is anger, yellow is happy, green is nature and white is boringness. At the end of our conversation I asked Nick what he thought about periscope he said that social media has never been his thing and he rather not use none of that.


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