Week 6: identity art (periscope)

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Periscope username: alachinalex
When I first started using periscope I was a little bit lost, didn’t know exactly how it worked, but after playing with it around half an hour I realize people were watching me talk. My numbers of audience increased from 1-58 in a matter of minutes and then hearts of different colors started to float around my screen, also I started getting comments, or I should say questions. People from different parts, Paris, Brazil, Mexico, they were so interested in who was I. It made me felt like even in my worse times they were appreciating me. Some would say pretty nice things such as “your beautiful” , “I love your smile” and stuff like that, things that made me feel good however I did have the perverts and mean side but they didn’t matter.
I felt like periscope was another “snap chat” only thing you were live and people were replying to you. I had so much with it. For example one day at work my coworker and I were bored so I told him about this app and my activity and he decided to help me. We started talking to people, answering questions kinda like a game but after a couple of minutes somebody from my viewers knew the company that we work for and we got scared so we decide to stop doing it. However he had so much fun with it that he decided to get a periscope himself.
In my honest opinion I think this activity was fun but personally I wouldn’t have a periscope because I felt just a bit harassed in there. Periscope and Instagram are really different. For Instagram you have to try to look good and for periscope you don’t because you cold be doing nothing and people will still be interested in what you say.
It is a perfect way to build a community only if you have the patience and the passion for what your building for.


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