Artist conversation week 7

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Artist conversion with Jane Weibel
Jane Weibel is a 30 year old female artist who art focuses on memories.
Jane does her art thinking about memories form her childhood. One of Jane interests besides art is understanding how the brain works. Jane quotes that the “brain pulls others experiences to fill the memories we have left in our mind”.

The way Jane started getting into this type of art was when one of her family member passed away from asheimers. Jane wanted to hang onto something and working with this type of art made her be and feel more closer to that person.

Some of the materials she used is ceramic and role and twist tier which is diver also she uses objects from her childhood such as dresses and accessories. Tangible things in her life. She said that one batch usually take around 2 weeks but the whole show took 3 months to finished. A good place where you can find James art is in her Instagram which is called : Janeargarette .

Jane was inspire to become an artist since she was little. Throughout her whole early years she was a creative child. What Jane wants from her audience is to reflect on their own memories and to cherish and hold on to them. For her color is a very important aspect in her art work sense is the one that gives life to it.


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