Ephemeral art week 7

image image image imageEphemeral art week 7(Snapchat day)
On Thursday the 8th we got to use my favorite application which is snapchat. I added a couple of people from my class but the people that I screenshot it their drawing was Nestor and Luis because they were funny and entertaining pictures.
I loved this activity because it was simple and easy, plus so much fun. I got to see what other classmates were doing and what they did with their drawing. Personally I think snapchat is really different from periscope and Instagram. It’s more safe which means you know the people that you only show what you want to show and only to the people you want to show, also it’s less pressure on you. When it comes to Instagram you have to look good but on snapchat it’s how really are. Periscope is more “unofficial” also but it’s not as important as snapchat is because you really don’t know the people in there therefore anyone is watching when in snapchat people that you care about are watching what you do.


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