Artist conversation

image imageWeek 8: Artist conversation with Shannon Leith.
Shannon is a 28 year old female artist striking for a degree in Photography. She was born in Canada but moved to California when she was 13 years old. She got into art in her senior year of high school when she went to a trip to Africa and discovered that she wanted to explore the world trough a picture. She switched schools from Viola University to Long Beach and her website is : because of the professors in long beach.

Shannon got into “food art” because she has many allergies and can’t eat too many varieties of food such as corn, caffeine, sugar, eggs, tomatoes, gluten which is why she decided to do her show in gluten and how would it be to feel as if you were breaking up with “gluten” .

She wanted to show the audience what it is the process to grieve. She is comparing the “break up with gluten” to a breakup in a relationship, pretending that if there was pictures of your relationships and trying to cover yourself with them because you can’t have them anymore.

The materials that she uses are old shirts, blankets, printed photographs, slide shows and sound escape.
I feel like I do understand what she’s going though not fully but whenever I tried to go into a diet it’s hard to stay away from the things that you want.


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