Week 9: Artist conversation with Juan Martin

Artist conversation :Juan Martin
Juan is a 28 year old artist who was brain in Mexico in a small city called Aguascalientes. He moved to the United States with his family when he was 8 years old. The way he found love in what he does was by drawing, he was always really good at it and he started taking classes in high school, when he notices his capability of drawing was beyond cooler compare to other students he fixed to go to college and major in sculpture.

Juan Martin has no usual work and also no consisting materials but for the show he used wood and concrete to the structure and the square black stretch wrap. The Box was the most conceptual one. He says that there is more to the viewer to see, an object that you can’t question it but you should, the books took a few hours. The Mannequin focus more on the presence of a person and acknowledge them, this one took a couple of weeks and the Deer goals was to use to skin the give it a form of life this one took around 2 hours. Juan Martins work can we viewed in his Facebook which is his name : Juan Martin

His manly focus is structure but like it was mentioned earlier it varies. For his show he did the structure of a mannequin, a box and a deed. Juan’s Inspiration for this type of work was the feeling of the representation towards an object, person on thing. He wants to see more than the artificial image. He wants people to reflect on his work as a the means to be alive. Project this work into real life.image image image


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