Week 9: Transmedia storytelling

image image image imageWeek 9: Transmedia StoryTelling

My group consisted of Nestor https://nestoralonsoplascencia.wordpress.com who was Peter Parker and Luis https://luishrangel.wordpress.com who was the flash. My character was Wonder Woman, but the change I added was that she was Wonder Woman in her motorcycle.
The story was that Wonder woman was on free way going to go see batman. And when she go to batman apartments he was was cheating on her . Wonder Woman left devastated and she was crying and she crashed into Peter Parker who happened to be with Uncle Ben and he was the one who in the accident. Parker went to hospital with severe injuries. Wonder women was fine because she’s wonder women . The flash went to go see Parker and seek revenge after knowing Wonder Woman killed uncle at the car crash. Flash went to wonder women and started fighting her. Batman started to help wonder women and they both defeated the flash. Wonder women told batman she was cheating on him and batman couldn’t believe it. Batman was depressed in the bat cave. He stayed there for weeks and started to gain weight. He was to big to be a super hero and died.The end.
The reason why we made this a tragedy story was because we wanted to do a real story with real experiences the possibilities that can happen and how it happen with no happy endings. My character was a female who loves to live on the edge, and after she saw her boyfriend cheating on her she made the wrong choice of driving her motorcycle in a emotional state. I had fun making this story because we were all adding ideas and loving the fact that It was out story and we could of do whatever we wanted to do.


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