Week 10: Artist conversation Thomas cressman

image image image
Thomas is 23 years old in his fifth year, majoring in Metal and some of the metals he often uses is cooper. and steel.
What he really wants to do with art is to put his work in a gallery and sell it. He usually takes about a week for each piece. The materials he uses is Metals such as copper, brass, steel and silver. Most of his work is based on the ocean, and the reason why is this is because ocean is his inspiration in a scientific aspect, studying it. How they adapt to survive and he has a big curiosity of how marine animals are different from us.

The way he got into art was back in high school when he had a good teacher and that’s when he started posting his art in Social media. Instagram thom_cress6.
One of his favorite artists is Alexander culliver.

Thomas interest in the aquatic life is the abstract of it . His favorite piece that he has done is the Clamp because it was a nice discovery in how to do it. Usually the process for the his work is a flat sheet of metal of any type, take inspiration from photos and drawings and develop images as in his mind, then he does rough sketch and cuts the shape from there, needling so then metal it’s malleable and easier to hammer to get the structure he wants, and eventually give it a shape.


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