week 11 classmate conversation

Week 11 classmate conversation with
Ryan bravo is Criminal justice major
Ryan is Latino Mexican and Puerto Ricanimage . His Minor in psychology and he wants to do law enforcement and work in homicide.
He currently lives In Santa Ana California , his the youngest one of four siblings.

Hobbies he has are snowboarding, surfing, gym basketball, football, baseball and hang out with family and friends.
Ryan’s Birthday is on January 17. His favorite colors are blue and gray.
As for the question of the week he thinks Tatto is an art. It’s a matter of reflection to the world of what we love or what we think of life. He says it matters more if you create your own tatto but as long as you like it, it does
not matter, he said he would get an eagle, also we thought it would be more fun if we would add another question of our own because we both are into the gym therefore we decided that the question was going to be what’s our favorite workout at the gym and he replied back an shoulders because he can proudly say he can out lift his friend.


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