Week 11 fiver arts- wall hanging

image image image image image image

When I started reading into the activity I knew what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. My goal was to make something that can hold my scarfs sense I have tons of them and their all over the place.
Then Friday night I was watching tv and saw some artificial roses around the house that didn’t have use that’s when my idea came up and decided to do my “rose hanger” I started to tie the roses together with their roots and added a couple of ribbons to have support so they wouldn’t ripped apart. It took me around an hour two an hour and a half to finish my rose hanger. I am not a creative person but this idea came naturally to me and I think it help that I knew I was going to use it for something as soon as I was done with my rose hanger I put on my wall and started adding some scarfs so far it was able to hold around eight of them. I had fun doing this activity. It was productive because I got a benefit out of it and I am putting it to use now. It’s more easier for me to look for them and their not all over the place that way my roommate doesn’t get mad at me. I feel like fiber art made me realize that we spend so much money for things that we can do at home or make ourselves. We should look first the things that we have and then go buy something outside.


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