Week 12: activity E portfolio

image image image image imageWeek 12 Activity E portfolio

I made my E portfolio specifically to communication majors. To people who can read between the lines and can picture what I am saying while reading my posts. This type of audience mainly goes to individuals that work in education, public relations, event managers, marketing, counselors and more jobs that linked to the Bachelor of Arts department. What I want to communicate to my audience is my passion for the entertaining industry.
When I was little I used to want to be an actress but as time passed by those dreams fade away, however my interest in the entertainment field didn’t change. I was so confused in what I wanted to do until I started college and it open my doors and options. With projects like this made me realize that I wanted to become a big time event manager and work for a big company or corporation or even have my own company.
In order to achieve these goals that I have set for myself I know that I had to put my foot in the door and that’s work for the company you might want to work as an event manager and also get an internship in the field. So far I’ve done both and I am moving up and working hard for it .
Trough this blog I hope they see my potential and passion I have for my chosen career. I want to be able to inspire others and motivate the ones giving up.


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