Week 12: artist conversation

image image image imageWeek 12: Artist conversation with Christopher Linquata.
Christopher Linquata is a 38 year old student majoring in representation painting and drawing. This is his last year in college and for his thesis his theme was “Sacred and Profane”:

Christopher art is based on mythological and religious stories. His message to the audience is to provide a representational idea, however he doesn’t put it on the wall, it is up to the viewer to figure it out on their own. His inspiration comes from the early renaissance and street painting.

Most of his work is from long beach, a place called San Pedro. The way he got into art was when he was in kinder garden he started drawing comic books. He used to teach middle school but wanted to get his masters and when he got in to CSULB he started seeing a difference in his paintings. Usually his pantings take around five and a half months. His paintings were shown in the Max. I Gatov gallery.
A material that he uses is acrylic. He hashtags his paintings with his Instagram name which is : icon5350.


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