Week 12: extra credit

Week 12: Extra Credit

Three activities I enjoyed the most were :
1- sculpture plaster casting : I loved this activity so much. I think it was my favorite because thanks to this activity I got to meet some great people. People that later on trough out the semester became my good friends and helpers. I think it’s a great way to get to know your classmates outside of a classroom environment.
2- social photography (Instagram) : Another activity I liked was posting four pictures of what you did throughout the day. I think this was easy for me sense I am already used to doing that but it was also fun to see what other people did and if we did similar stuff.
3- ephemeral art (snapchat): This activity I enjoyed because it was fun and creative. Like I mentioned in the Instagram activity it was fun to see what my classmates did but with snapchat it became more personal because you got to see the small things they felt like they needed to be posted and seen for everyone also it was nice to see different drawings from my classmates.
Three activities I didn’t enjoyed that much were :
1- ethnography : This activity was the hardest one for me. It was almost impossible to stay away from electricity. I did tried but I failed a couple of times at this activity and honestly it felt like an eternity to be whiteout my electronics however it made me realize how attached I am to my social media life.
2- Mobile public art (Somebody) : The somebody activity was one of the ones I enjoyed the least and that’s because it wasn’t fun for me at all and it was confusing. We were supposed to send a message to a person but we were all lost who this person was or if we were the ones who was supposed to send it or delivered it.
3- Game design (geocaching): This activity was also a little bit confusing because I didn’t know how to use the application, therefore I just went with it and my classmates helped me figure it out how to play with it but still was hard and confusing, and felt like it didn’t work for me or most of my classmates.


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