Artist conversation

Artist conversation week 13
Shahrzad ahrar is an artist who her main inspiration is the problems related to immigration. Her major is graphic design. She’s been interested in art since she was little. She has her bachelors in graphic design and she’s currently in her masters program. She was born in Croatia and her theme name was “Wake” she interviewed four people from different parts of the world that emigrated to the United States and from there she turned into a visual based on each one of their experiences.
The material she uses for the Kaleidoscopes is colorful objects to cover the inside their called acrylic chips and pipes, for the wall she used fabric peel paper that stick to the wall they usually come in panels.

For the walk each button has a story inside from four people around the world such as el Salvador, Afghanistan and Iran . She did the wall paper based on the person that she interviewed. The posters she wants to donate them to the president so they can keep in the president house .

Her work was posted in the Dennis w. Dutzi gallery. She currently doesn’t have a website but she’s working on it.


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