Artist conversation week 15

Artist conversation week 15

Lourdes Martinez is a female artist in her last year attending Cal State Long Beach. She is majoring in photography, she decided that in her last year of high school. She wasn’t completely sure but at the end she ended up doing it. One of Lourdes dream is to get an internship at the Observatory, although shes not really interested in photography jobs. She currently does not have a social media or website where you can see her pieces.

At the Dutzi-Gallery she had this one art piece that had the shape of a square it was clear and thin. In the middle it had two different colors one was oriole and the other was between green and gray. This picture she said it was taken in 1990 on earth and this picture is capturing a space craft that it hasn’t been known to us.The picture she explains also had the earth in it and it was a minutiae spec that it’s hard to see . She zoomed in on the picture and decided to use it as her only art piece.

Her inspiration was this unknown space aircraft, at first she did not think anything about it but then found something inspiring about it.


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