Classmates conversation week 15

image.jpegClassmate conversation week 15
On Thursday the 3rd I had my conversation with an old friend of mine and with . We approached her as she was siting by the rocks that are close by the gallery. We introduced ourselves and asked her couple of questions like for example where was she from she said she was Hispanic, Mexican and Guatemalian but she currently lives in San Pedro. Geraldine is a third year student majoring in sociology with a minor in child development. Some of her hobbies are to listen to music and she she some reviewer artists such as Justin burger and Taylor swift, another hobby of hers is to try different foods although her favorite food is Vietnamese.
A sport she does is dance, she grew up dancing hip hop and contemporary music.
She’s also in a Sorority where’s she’s been a member for two years.
She works for a small aerospace company also she speaks fluently in Spanish.
Another fun fact of Geraldine is that she’s turning 21 this month. As for the question of the week she said that the dolls art was the one that had the most impact on her because she was able to relate to the different emotions of the dolls.
Luis, on the other hand didn’t have to ask much because I knew from him already but something has changed since we met, he changed his major from child development to communications. Luis and I are good friends now, we walk something together to class and tell each other’s stories. It’s amazing to see I made a friendship in this class and thanks to a project. I also asked him what was his favorite art and he said the one with the girl and the tea, where you made memories out of stains, because he feels like every where he goes there’s something to be remember.


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