Week 12: classmate conversation

Week 12 Classmate conversation : https://jonathaninteractive.wordpress.com Jonathan Pua. The reason why I approached my classmate was because he was seating by himself and felt like he needed company therefore I decided to have a conversation with Jonathan Pua is a second year student majoring in Hospitality Management . He is 19 years old was born in San Pedro, but lived in Carson all his life. … Continue reading Week 12: classmate conversation

week 11 classmate conversation

Week 11 classmate conversation with http://ryanbravo.com Ryan bravo is Criminal justice major Ryan is Latino Mexican and Puerto Rican . His Minor in psychology and he wants to do law enforcement and work in homicide. He currently lives In Santa Ana California , his the youngest one of four siblings. Hobbies he has are snowboarding, surfing, gym basketball, football, baseball and hang out with family … Continue reading week 11 classmate conversation

Week 10 classmate conversation: https://thomassantillan.wordpress.com

Thomas santillan is a 3rd year computer science student from CSULB. With his major he wants to do cyber security or software engineering.
Thomas commutes from Los Angeles on bike. Some of his hobbies are riding bike, reading/collecting comics. His favorite color is green and likes alternative music.
Thomas also lived 3 years in Mexico
because his dad always moved around. He lived in San Bernardino, Minnesota, Mexico and now in LA.
As for the question of the week he said he would like to go to England because his friend just came back from there and he spoke really highly about it.

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