Classmates conversation week 15

Classmate conversation week 15 On Thursday the 3rd I had my conversation with an old friend of mine and with . We approached her as she was siting by the rocks that are close by the gallery. We introduced ourselves and asked her couple of questions like for example where was she from she said she was Hispanic, Mexican and Guatemalian but she … Continue reading Classmates conversation week 15

Artist conversation week 15

Artist conversation week 15 Lourdes Martinez is a female artist in her last year attending Cal State Long Beach. She is majoring in photography, she decided that in her last year of high school. She wasn’t completely sure but at the end she ended up doing it. One of Lourdes dream is to get an internship at the Observatory, although shes not really interested in … Continue reading Artist conversation week 15

Artist conversation

Artist conversation week 13 Shahrzad ahrar is an artist who her main inspiration is the problems related to immigration. Her major is graphic design. She’s been interested in art since she was little. She has her bachelors in graphic design and she’s currently in her masters program. She was born in Croatia and her theme name was “Wake” she interviewed four people from different parts … Continue reading Artist conversation

Classmate conversation week 13:

Classmate conversation week 13: Serina Khoury is Second year majoring in Human development. She wants to be a physician assistant . She’s currently living in redondo beach and she commutes, her daily commute takes around to half an hour to forty five minutes with traffic. She has two sisters, one who goes here and she’s a third year and other one that is twenty … Continue reading Classmate conversation week 13:

Week 12: artist conversation

Week 12: Artist conversation with Christopher Linquata. Christopher Linquata is a 38 year old student majoring in representation painting and drawing. This is his last year in college and for his thesis his theme was “Sacred and Profane”: Christopher art is based on mythological and religious stories. His message to the audience is to provide a representational idea, however he doesn’t put it on the … Continue reading Week 12: artist conversation

Week 12: activity E portfolio

Week 12 Activity E portfolio I made my E portfolio specifically to communication majors. To people who can read between the lines and can picture what I am saying while reading my posts. This type of audience mainly goes to individuals that work in education, public relations, event managers, marketing, counselors and more jobs that linked to the Bachelor of Arts department. What I want … Continue reading Week 12: activity E portfolio